How counting your blessings can change your life How many days in your life have you woken up to thoughts like, “I just want to stay in bed”, “Ugh…I don’t want to go to work today”, “This day is going to be soooo stressful!” or any variety of not so great thoughts? Yep…me too. For […]

The Magic of Gratitude

Have you noticed how much time you spend trying to change what is? Trying to make everything in your life just a little bit better…just a little bit different? We try to muscle the our lives, our jobs, our families and friends, each and every moment of our lives, into submission. We try to control […]

The Magic Of Allowing

It’s one things to maintain balance in your life when everything is flowing beautifully…when you’re in your daily rhythm and things are going according to plan. It’s another thing altogether when unforeseen and challenging circumstances inject themselves into your life. When we’re presented with difficult times & challenging circumstances, we are often really thrown for […]

Maintaining Balance In Time Of Adversity

How often do you find yourself so mired up with fears…fears of rejection and failure…fears that you’re not good enough or talented enough or smart enough…that you have trouble figuring out which way is up and making the most aligned decisions about your life? It’s so incredibly challenging to find clarity and make powerful decisions […]

How to tune in with your own Divine Guidance System