The Magic Of Allowing


Have you noticed how much time you spend trying to change what is? Trying to make everything in your life just a little bit better…just a little bit different?

We try to muscle the our lives, our jobs, our families and friends, each and every moment of our lives, into submission.

We try to control what IS, so that we can be happier than we are now.

We want a better job, or for our current job to be less stressful. We want our spouse or partner to put away their clothes, clean their hair out of the shower, take their shoes off at the door (which they almost never do even though we’ve asked 1000 times!!) so that we can feel better.

We want our flakey friend to show up when she says she’s going to.

We want our kids to quit leaving their dirty dishes all over the house.

We let these things get under our skin in a BIG way.

We’d be happier if we could control all of the bits and pieces of our lives, right??Maybe. Maybe we would be. But maybe there’s an easier way.

The thing is, we’re making ourselves crazy, and creating SO much stress for ourselves by trying to control everything….by always wanting things to be just a little different than they are.

When we’re fighting the current so hard, in so many ways, we might not have the ability to see what Spirit…the Universe…God (you pick what works for you, here) is trying to show us.

I want to be clear…I’m not suggesting that we stop striving to create the life we dream of. Living into our purpose and following our hearts to create best possible lives for ourselves is CENTRAL to creating joy.

I’m simply saying that when we allow things to just BE.. that’s often the very thing that opens up new possibilities, greater understanding, and deeper joy in our lives.

What would it feel like to just accept what is?

What would it feel like to release that all consuming desire to make everything and everyone else bend to our will? What would it feel like if it REALLY didn’t matter to us anymore?

Do you feel your shoulder tension release just a little bit at the thought of it?

What would it feel like to allow? To just allow things to be as they are? To stop swimming upstream and to just do the back float for a while?

I’m giving you permission to stop fighting so hard against the current.

Everything is just right, just as it is in this very moment.

There is an opportunity alive in the learning to release the resistance and to allow. Just allow.

I challenge you to choose one thing that you’ve really been wanting to change, and just allow it be to as it is. Maybe even take it a step further, and love it… just as it is.

So much of the joy we experience in our lives comes from our perspective the things that are happening around us, and within us.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, just for the next 7 days, we just decided to accept that there are dishes in the living room? Or, to accept that our boss is crabby? Or to accept that traffic is a part of our day? Or to accept that you still don’t have as many clients as you want?

Magic happens in the allowing. Real, deep, transformative, joyful magic.

I want to hear what happens for you when you decide to stop trying to change just one thing that you sooo want to control for the next week.

Here’s to allowing!!

(Phew…what a load off!!)

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The Magic Of Allowing