Going Within

I've spent the last several years going within. Seeking answers, working with my shadows, uncovering parts of myself that are uncomfortable but need to be seen. And now, I know how to access the light on the other side. You can too.

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I love helping people to learn to tune into what they really want and what they feel called to do…both in a moment-to-moment sense and in a large, life purpose sense. My work incorporates a combination of somatic, emotional, mindset, behavioral & unconscious reprogramming practices to help you to access clarity & truth while creating deep and lasting change. I’ll also help you learn to tap into and trust your intuition, your own personal, divine, guidance system. It’s incredibly liberating and empowering to discover and trust that we each have the answers within us. No one else needs to give us the answers. 

Together, we go deep into the somatic, shadow, and inner child work to get to the core fears, doubts, and programming. The essence of a person's self worth, or lack thereof, holds the key to helping you access core beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your innate genius & divine power…into YOUR radiance. The shadow is where the key to the light lives. We can’t live in the light without going into the dark, exploring it and unraveling it. I guide you into the programming you've received from your earliest days until the present. 

The somatic work we’ll do is a powerful way to access emotions and traumas that we are holding in our body. The emotions from past life events actually get trapped in our bodies and have a significant impact on us. They contribute to intrusive negative thoughts, anxiety, panic, depression and sadness, and unhealthy patterns. We access the places in your body where these emotions are trapped, allowing that energy to move through and to integrate, so that it no longer creates a barrier to growth and forward movement in our lives. 

As a certified coach (trained through iPec), a CPC (certified professional coach), ELI certified (energy leadership master practitioner), and ICM (Institute for Coaching Mastery) trained coach, I bring both professional experience and perspective, along with my own lifetime as a seeker, creator, and spiritual & personal growth enthusiast to our work together. I’m so excited to connect with you!

Helping others
is my joy

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Creating your personal vitality recipe for life

I love to create a personal vitality recipe which is all about making daily choices that bring in more joy, increase energy and inspiration, and instill rhythms and patterns that support a vital life. 

Living the life
you yearn for

To achieve the life you desire, we must work with your inner child and give her a space to speak, to express, to be respected, to be valued, and to be loved. The wounded parts of us need to be given a safe space to speak and to process through fears, hurts, traumas. I teach you how to love and hold your inner child, to nurture that part of yourselves so that it can heal. This work also includes helping you to access the wise, connected, divine part of yourselves and allowing that part of you to be a healer and teacher for your inner child. 

I love helping you to free yourself to envision the life you really want, not just the one you think you're supposed to want, or the one that seems most “logical” or accessible. It’s magical when you realize that you actually have the power to make choices that lead you to a greater, more aligned, more purposeful, more joyful and fulfilling life than you could’ve imagined. 

Many of my clients have changed course regarding what their main goals were coming in and have ended up with something EVEN BETTER than what they were hoping to achieve (e.g: the client who wanted to start a health coaching business and instead, created a more fulfilling living situation, started performing her poetry on stage, creating art and completely changing career paths to something that was actually much more aligned with what her heart was craving).  

Work with me

Or, some clients have finally achieved goals they’ve had percolating in the back of their mind for years. (e.g: the client who came to me who had so many ideas that she was trying to do all at the same time, that she wasn’t actually doing any of them, who created and produced the most gorgeous, informative, powerful Birthing Deck I’ve ever seen….now available to the world to benefit from).  

It's a transformative process when you are willing to show up for yourself and jump in with commitment, self-compassion, bravery & faith.