Work with me and le't's Transform Your Life

It really is one of my greatest joys working 1:1 with clients in a coaching container. The depth to which we can explore and understand the self is absolutely astounding, and is all done in a safe and held environment. I've been there and have walked this same journey back to my true self and purpose. I know it can be intimidating, but I am here for you every step of the way.

After working with me, you'll see and feel a deeper connection with your intuition, divine guidance, and connection with a spirit led life. You will trust in the truth of your worth, your value, and the importance of the gifts and inspirations that you are called to bring into the world, and to fruition. Real change will occur based on what your personal goals are. Whether that's a new career path, the creation of a product or development of a creative project, or the clarity, strength and courage to actually follow your heart, we can make it happen. And it will happen through Healing. Heart healing. 


I offer a 1:1 coaching package of either 12 or 24 sessions depending upon your goals. The first session is 90 minutes and the rest are 60 minutes, plus support via Marco Polo, email or text between sessions. We begin each session with a meditation/grounding, set and intention for the session, and then dive into the work. This includes creating an empowered mindset and behavior changes. I will also do deep work with you on the emotional, somatic, and unconscious levels so that we can create deeper and more lasting transformation. The development of a strong connection to intuition is also an instrumental part of the work we do together. Each session will end with a grounding exercise, intention setting, tasks, exercises and homework for the week that will propel you towards your greater goals. 

Coaching Package

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