How to tune in with your own Divine Guidance System


How often do you find yourself so mired up with fears…fears of rejection and failure…fears that you’re not good enough or talented enough or smart enough…that you have trouble figuring out which way is up and making the most aligned decisions about your life?

It’s so incredibly challenging to find clarity and make powerful decisions when those fears take over!!

Fears, especially those that you’ve been running from for years, have a paralyzing effect. The good news is, it IS possible to move beyond that paralysis, get re-aligned, and move forward towards those bright, beautiful dreams that you hold so deep in your heart.

One of the most powerful ways to re-gain your center is to tune in with your intuition…that Divine guidance system that’s always available to you.

Your intuition is the way that Spirit, the Universe, God (whatever name feels good to you!) speaks to you and guides you.

That intuitive guidance is alive in you every single day.

The hope and excitement of your deepest truths are always going to be more powerful than your fears.

Learning how to hear that guidance, and taking the time every day to listen, is so much easier than you might think, and is powerful beyond words.

So, how do you find that connection to your intuition?

You pay attention to how you REALLY feel when you think about any choice you’re hung up on. You pay attention to how you feel when you think about doing any activity, or task.

Pay attention to what emotions come up for you when you think about successfully doing any particular thing. Does it feel exciting? Does it feel stifling? Do you feel joyful? Do you feel sadness?

Our intuition guides us towards the things that are right for us through emotions of joy, excitement, hope, serenity and love.

That same intuition guides us away from the things that are not aligned with our highest path through feelings of sadness, discontent, boredom, anger and melancholy.

Not only does our intuition speak to us with emotions, it speaks to us through physical sensations.

When you start really paying attention, you’ll find that there are consistent physical sensations or movements that occur in your body when you envision yourself doing things that are aligned, and when you envision yourself doing things that are not aligned.

Practice paying attention. It will get easier and easier.

It’s important to keep in mind that your fears will likely be present with you throughout this process. That’s OK! This is exactly the reason that it’s important to envision yourself making each choice or decision and doing each task or action successfully.

Those things that aren’t aligned will create very different emotional and physical reaactions in you than those that are aligned, even when your fears are present.

You’ve got this! All it takes is practice.

PS. Did you miss the Transform your Fears & Empower your Creative Genius Challenge we did last week in my Facebook group, Aligned Creatives Rising? It’s not too late!! The videos are going to stay up in the group until the end of the month, so you can pop on inthere and do them at your own pace!



How to tune in with your own Divine Guidance System